My interest in photography started during years as a professional musician. I developed the skill of catching performing artists at the peak of their expression on and off stage. Not having the benefit of flash, I learned the craft of balancing speed, ISO and aperture in available light. Though I developed the skills necessary to direct posed individuals or groups, my interest in capturing unscripted moments in time have always been the highlight of my skills. This combination of creative and technical skill helps to capture both the formal and informal moments of each situation.

Having been a performer, myself, I enjoy catching other performing artists in action. Whether on the street, or on the stage, I continually practice the skill of anticipating a live performer’s movements, in order to catch an image that conveys the soul of the artist. This skill hopefully works to catch the essence of other moving subjects, whether on the street, at a wedding reception or in the studio. 

I started PianoDavePhoto LLC in 2012. In addition to smaller group functions, I have developed a team of photographers to shoot large events and market the photos to event participants. These packages include group photos and action photos.  We are the official photographer for Atlantic Indoor Association which holds color guard and drum-line competitions each year in North Carolina and Virginia.

Whether you are a performer looking for a promotional headshot, a creative photographer for your senior or a large organization, PianodavePhoto can take care of your needs.

I look forward to discussing your next project.

David P Morse